20 DIY Ideas to Make With Wine Corks

Have a bunch of wine corks lying around? Put them to good use with these fun DIY projects!

Wine bottle corks are the ideal material when it comes to DIY projects. They are easy to work with and you can make so many fun and useful things with them instead of just throwing them out. Here are our top 20 favorite (and simple) wine cork projects that you can easily do at home.

1. Wine Cork Keychains

Wine Cork Keychains

from The Kim Six Fix

2. Wine Cork Bath Mat

Wine Cork Bath Mat

from Sustain My Craft Habit


3. Wine Cork Garland

Wine Cork Garland

from Dash of Jazz


4. DIY Wine Cork Kitchen Utensil Holder

Wine Cork Kitchen Utensil Holder

from A Magical Mess


5. Wine Cork Herb Garden Markers

Wine Cork herb Garden Markers

from Birds & Blooms


6. Wine Cork Serving Tray

Wine Cork Serving Tray

from Shine Your Light

7. Wine Cork Artwork

Wine Cork Artwork

from Paperclutch


8. Wine Cork Jewelry Holder

Wine Cork Jewelry Holder

from Pretty Handy Girl


9. Wine Cork Monogram Letter

Wine Cork Monogram Letter

from Growing Up Gardner


10. Wine Cork Place Card Holders

Wine Cork Place Card Holders

from weddingbee


11. Wine Cork Wreath

Wine Cork Wreath

from An American in Rome


12. Wine Cork Coasters

Wine Cork Coasters

from PinkWhen


13. Wine Cork Birdhouse

Wine Cork Birdhouse

from Enjoy Life Anyway


14 DIY Wine Cork Picutre Frame

Wine Cork Picutre Frame

from Decoist


15. Wine Cork Candle

Wine Cork Candle

from A Subtle Revelry


16. Wine Cork Chandelier

Wine Cork Chandelier

from Mox & Fodder


17. Wine Cork Vases

Wine Cork Flower Vases

from Design Improvised


18. Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Wine Cork Bulletin Board

from A Beautiful Mess


19. Wine Cork Ball

Wine Cork Ball

from Family Chic


20. Giraffe Cork Sculpture

Giraffe Cork Sculpture

from Lil Blue Boo

20 DIY Ideas to Make With Wine Corks

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