20 Dollar Store Halloween Decor Ideas

20 Dollar Store Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about decorating your house!

If you’re on a strict Halloween budget, the dollar store can be a really great resource for making holiday decor items when you combine a few of them. Below you will find some inspiration to help you create spook-tacular Halloween decor on the cheap.

1. DIY Skeleton Dish

Skeleton Dish

You’ll need a plastic skeleton with joints you can take apart, a glass taper candle holder and a glass tealight holder. (Full tutorial: Four Front Doors)

2. Skeleton Hands Halloween Wreath

Skeleton Hands Halloween Wreath

This wreath is made out of plastic skeleton hands which have been coated with metallic spray paint. (Full tutorial: Tried & True)

3. Spiderweb Vase

Spiderweb Vase

To make your own dollar store spiderweb vase you’ll need glass vase, hot glue, sharpie marker and flat black spray paint. (Full tutorial: Ks Craft Shack)

4. Pumpkin Lights

Pumpkin Lights

For this project, you need a pair of scissors, a strand of orange twinkle lights, and a package of orange Halloween straws with pumpkin details. (Full tutorial: BargainBriana)

5. DIY Ghost Candles

Ghost Candles

Here is a very simple, easy and fast Halloween craft. Grab some tall white candles from the dollar store and draw ghost faces on them using a sharpie. (Full tutorial: Thoughtfully Simple)

6. Skull Candlesticks

Skull Candlesticks

To create these super cool skull candlesticks you’ll need glitter skulls, candlesticks and a 2-pack of battery powered tea-light candles. (Full tutorial: Cap Creations)

7. Creepy Crow Halloween Wreath

Creepy Crow Halloween Wreath

This creepy crow Halloween wreath made with dollar store birds is an easy and simple craft that will have your guests hesitant to ring the doorbell! (Full tutorial: Celebrate & Decorate)

8. Skeleton Vase

Skeleton Vase

With a few common materials that are easily found in the dollar store, a little bit of ingenuity and the ability to have some fun you can make this amazing skeleton vase yourself. (Full tutorial: Sew Woodsy)

9. Dollar Store Spider Headband

Dollar Store Spider Headband

This spooky spider headband will cost you just $4 and took you less than 5 minutes to make! (Full tutorial: Please Note Paper)

10. Metallic Jack-O-Lantern

Metallic Jack-O-Lantern

Turn a cheap orange and black plastic pumpkin into a metallic Jack-o’-lantern with a gilded shine. (Full tutorial: Alyssa & Carla)

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  1. These are very cool!!! Thank you I will be using your ideas to decorate my house!

  2. Thank you. I usually end up breaking the bank during Halloween and this year I’m definitely looking for cheaper alternatives.

  3. What a easy way to put some friendly spooky
    Fun Halloween decorations.

    Thanks for posting?
    Love Pinterest

  4. Oooo my gosh brilliant idea with the straws!!! Thank you for sharing your creativity ????

  5. Super cute and most of them are simple enough the kids can help!! And if it gets messed up… You’re only out a few dollars! Absolutely love these ideas and will be using them again this coming Halloween!

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