10 Creative Vertical Gardening Ideas

10 Creative Vertical Gardening Ideas

Vertical gardening is a great idea for people with little space, who don’t have room for a garden, but want to decorate an outdoor space with greenery. Vertical gardens take up less space, are easier to harvest, and easier to maintain. Here are 10 great ideas for vertical gardening that would save you a lot of space.

1. PVC Strawberry Planter

PVC Strawberry Planter

This PVC pipe vertical planter is a great way to grow strawberries. (DIY instructions: Craftsy)

2. Hanging Basket Garden

Hanging Basket Garden

Hanging baskets are perfect for small or large spaces. You can use all kinds of plants, so it’s easy to create interesting and colorful displays. (DIY instructions: A Beautiful Mess)

3. Repurpose Gutters into Hanging Planters

Repurpose Gutters into Hanging Planters

If you have pieces of old rain gutter lying around, use them to create a sustainable and low cost vertical garden. (DIY instructions: The Biggest Much)

4. Terra Cotta Flower Tower

Terra Cotta Flower Tower

Create a stunning flower tower using simple terracotta pots. Perfect for a little decoration at your house door, or as a centerpiece in your backyard. (DIY instructions: Dengarden)

5. Shoe Rack Garden

Shoe Rack Garden

Turn an ordinary over-the-door hanging shoe rack into a set of pocket planters and decorate the wall near a porch or patio. (via Instructables)

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