10 Amazing Uses for Empty Egg Cartons

What do you do with the egg cartons when you finish the eggs? Most people simply throw them in the bin. But there are many creative ways to reuse them. We’ve found 10 of the best ways to reuse egg cartons and turn them into useful things for the home.

1. Egg Carton Jewellery Box

jewelry box

via The Craft Train

2. Egg Carton Vase

Egg Carton Vase

via Family Chic


3. Egg Carton Drawer Organizer

Egg Carton Drawer Organizer

via WorkingDesigns


4. Egg Carton Bird Feeder

Egg Carton Bird Feeder

via The Creative Cubby


5. Ornament Storage

Ornament Storage

via Savaria Bags

6. Egg Carton Paint Pallete

Egg Carton Paint Pallete

via Green-Mom


7. Snack Tray

Snack Tray

via Natural Green Mom


8. Baby Sock Organizer

Baby Sock Organizer

via The Cozy Birdhouse


9. Egg Carton iPad Stand

Egg Carton IPad Stand

via Instructables


10. Mini Plant Pots

Mini Plant Pots

via Journey into Creativity

10 Amazing Uses for Empty Egg Cartons

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