15 Awesome Things You Can Make With Pallets

15 Awesome Things You Can Make With Pallets

Wooden pallets are probably one of the most versatile items that can be repurposed for further use. They are readily available, often for free, and easy to work with. Things made from pallets looks extremely stunning and can add a nice country charm to your home. Here’s list of the most creative DIY pallet projects that anyone can make!

1. Pallet Mirror

Pallet Mirror

Make a rustic framed mirror using pallet to give an antique touch to your interior walls. (DIY instructions: The Rooster and The Hen)

2. Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table

This wonderful pallet coffee table will not only stand out as a super chic piece of furniture in your living room, but it will also be a great storage keeper for your books, magazines and other stuff. (DIY instructions: The Wonder Forest)

3. Swing Bed

Swing Bed

Build a pallet swing bed on which you can lounge and watch the clouds go by. (DIY instructions: The Merrythought)

4. Pallet Headboard

Pallet Headboard

This pallet headboard will turn your master bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary. (DIY instructions: Sprig by Mia)

5. Reading Nook

Reading Nook

Create a great and original reading nook out of two wooden pallets for your little one. (DIY instructions: Kojo Designs)

6. Wall Art

Wall Art

Make your walls look beautiful with some piece of art. (DIY instructions: Shanty 2 Chic)

7. Photo Frames

Photo Frames

Hang your family portraits creatively with these pallet photo frames. This unique way will surely make your photographs memorable. (DIY instructions: Little House of Four)

8. Laundry Basket Dresser

Laundry Basket Dresser

This DIY laundry basket dresser idea will get you and your clothes super organized when it comes to laundry. (DIY instructions: Ana White)

9. Coat Rack

Coat Rack

Make a coat rack with shelves out of a pallet and some old door knobs. (DIY instructions: Mom it Forward)

10. Pallet Dog Bed

Pallet Dog Bed

Make a cozy upcycled sleeping spot for your favorite 4-legged friend. (DIY instructions: Instructables)

11. Pallet Flower Garden

Pallet Flower Garden

Turn your backyard patio into a colorful oasis with this bright and colorful DIY upcycled pallet rainbow flower garden. (DIY instructions: Hello Creative Family)

12. Fold-up Pallet Desk

Fold-up Pallet Desk

It offers great storage and once closed only takes up the width of the pallet on the wall. (DIY instructions: Thistlewood Farm)

13. Pallet Sliding Barn Doors

Pallet Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding doors are ideal for areas where a normal swing door would take up too much space. (DIY instructions: Lehman Lane)

14. Pallet Kitchen Island

Pallet Kitchen Island

Build your own kitchen island out of pallets for an inexpensive fix to add more kitchen storage and counterspace. (DIY instructions: Noting Grace)

15. Bathtub Shelf

Bathtub Shelf

Make a bathtub shelf to hold candles, magazines, your favorite book, or anything you want while bathing. (DIY instructions: Practically Functional)

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