12 Awesome Things You Can Make Using Plastic Bottles

12 Awesome Things You Can Make Using Plastic Bottles

Stop throwing your plastic bottles away! They can be used in a multitude of household hacks. From decorative vases to stylish jewelry stand, this collection offers ideas for recycled plastic bottle crafts that you can use in your everyday life.

1. Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Make a simple, quick DIY bird feeder out of a soda bottle and two wooden spoons or dowels. (Tutorial: Here Comes The Sun)

2. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Make a mini greenhouse for seeds or cuttings from a two litre plastic bottle. (via Grow Fruit and Veg)

3. Soda Bottles Desk Organizer

Soda Bottles Desk Organizer

Reuse plastic bottles by converting them into desk organizers. (Tutorial: Makezine)

4. Jewelry Stand

Jewelry Stand

This stand is super simple, using the bottoms of plastic soda bottles as trays for rings, earrings and bracelets. (Tutorial: Epbot)

5. Plastic Bottle Flowers

Plastic Bottle Flowers

Let your garden bloom all year long with these recycled plastic bottle flowers. (via Maker Mama)

6. Colorful Decorative Vases

Colorful Decorative Vases

Transform your water bottles into a cute vase just in 10 minutes! (Tutorial: Petticoat Junktion)

7. Plastic Bottle Petfood Dispenser

Plastic Bottle Petfood Dispenser

Turn plastic bottles into a disposable device for feeding your little friend. (via We Upcycle)

8. Wasp Trap

Wasp Trap

Keep insects under control with a DIY wasp trap made from a recycled 2-liter soda bottle. (Tutorial: Apartment Therapy)

9. Lawn Sprinkler

Lawn Sprinkler

You just poke holes in the bottle and then hook it up to your garden hose. (Tutorial: Clever, Crafty, Cookin’ Mama)

10. Floor Lamp Makeover

Floor Lamp Makeover

Dress up a boring standing lamp with plastic bottle accents. (Tutorial: Matsutake)

11. Plastic Bottle Scoop

Plastic Bottle Scoop

Turn an empty milk bottle into a handy scoop. Use it for filling bird feeders, in the garden for potting or for your pet food. (Tutorial: The Chilly Dog)

12. Party Lights

Party Lights

Recycle plastic bottles into cute party lights. It isn’t very hard and can be made in less than an hour. (Tutorial: Easy Paper Crafts)

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