25 Amazing Things To Make With Old Jeans

25 Amazing Things To Make With Old Jeans

Don’t throw your old jeans away! The next time you tear a hole in the knee of your favorite pair, salvage them and turn it into something new and adorable! We’ve compiled a collection of 25 unusual things you can make with old jeans. Some will require more skill than others, but we’re sure there will be something for everyone.

1. Denim Slippers

Denim Slippers

Tutorial via Recycled Lovelies


2. Denim Book Cover

Denim Book Cover

Tutorial via Hello Glow


3. Denim Pocket Organizer

Denim Pocket Organizer

Tutorial via Redo it Yourself Inspirations


4. Denim Tote Bag

Denim Tote Bag

Tutorial via The Fabric of Our Lives


5. Denim Cloth Napkins

Denim Cloth Napkins

Tutorial via The Willow Market

6. Denim Apron

Denim Apron

Tutorial via Scavenger Chic


7. Rolled-Jean Coasters

Rolled-Jean Coasters

Tutorial via Admittedly Made


8. Denim Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Denim Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Tutorial via Threading my Way


9. Baby Bibs from Old Jeans

Baby Bibs from Old Jeans

Tutorial via Happy Hooligans


10. Denim Wreath With Felt Roses

Denim Wreath With Felt Roses

Tutorial via Pillar Box Blue


11. Denim Picnic Blanket

Denim Picnic Blanket

Tutorial via Houseful of Handmade


12. Denim Pillow Cover

Denim Pillow Cover

Tutorial via FeltMagnet


13. Denim Play Balls

Denim Play Balls

Tutorial via Nancy’s Couture


14. Denim Bracelet

Denim Bracelet

Tutorial via Moms and Crafters


15. Little Buckets

little buckets

Tutorial via Curly Made


16. Denim Flower Necklace

Denim flower necklace

Tutorial via Tea Rose Home


17. Denim Pencil Case

Denim Pencil Case

Tutorial via Handmadiya


18. Denim Placemats

Denim Placemats

Tutorial via Art Threads


19. Coffee Sleeve

Coffee Sleeve

Tutorial via Crafty Staci


20. Toy Storage

Toy Storage

Tutorial via Handmade by Meg K


21. Denim Backpack

Denim Backpack

Tutorial via Fili&Lino


22. Denim Rug

denim rug

Tutorial via Ohoh Deco


23. Large Denim Floor Cushion

Large Denim Floor Cushion

Tutorial via Vicky Myers Creations


24. Easy Denim Earrings

Easy Denim Earrings

Tutorial via The Beading Gem


25. Denim Flower Art

Denim Flower Art

Tutorial via Just Crafty Enough

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