20 Dollar Store Halloween Decor Ideas

11. DIY Halloween Dollar Store Cake Stand

Halloween Dollar Store Cake Stand

The supplies needed to make this cute cake stand are; plastic bowl, plastic plate and E6000 craft adhesive. It can be used for treats or as a center piece. (Full tutorial: Hawthorne & Main)

12. Halloween Skull Wreath

Halloween Skull Wreath

Make this super fun Halloween skull wreath with just 10 skulls, wire, and ribbon. (Full tutorial: Tried & True)

13. Create a Spooky Halloween Village

Create a Spooky Halloween Village

Just buy a cheap Christmas village set from the dollar store and repaint everything in darker colors! (Full tutorial: The 36th Avenue)

14. Dollar Store Mummy Hand

Dollar Store Mummy Hand

Make your own authentic-looking Mummy’s Hand prop for less than $3! (Full tutorial: Through My Looking Glass)

15. Spooky Bush Eyes

Spooky Bush Eyes

Spruce up your yard with these spooky bush eyes! The coolest thing about this idea is that they are made out of plastic pumpkin trick or treat buckets! (Full tutorial: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons)

16. DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Lights

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Lights

Get a dollar store touch light with base painted black and use black marker to draw the face of Jack Skellington. Super easy! (From: Nifymag)

17. Halloween Floating Frames

Halloween Floating Frames

Pick up some cheap picture frames, spray paint them white (or any color you’d like). Cut out some fun Halloween images and glue them to the glass. (Full tutorial: Griffithsrated)

18. Halloween Tablescape

Halloween Tablescape

Create a spooky tablescape using jars, vases, and other items from the dollar store. (Full tutorial: The Pin Junkie)

19. Zombie Planted Hands

Zombie Planted Hands

Using a few severed hands from the dollar store and a plant stand you will be able to create this simple yet creepy outdoor decor. (Full tutorial: Sew Woodsy)

20. DIY Blood Dripped Candles

Blood Dripped Candles

All you need is a red candle, a white candle, and a lighter. (Full tutorial: Lilyshop)

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  1. These are very cool!!! Thank you I will be using your ideas to decorate my house!

  2. Thank you. I usually end up breaking the bank during Halloween and this year I’m definitely looking for cheaper alternatives.

  3. What a easy way to put some friendly spooky
    Fun Halloween decorations.

    Thanks for posting?
    Love Pinterest

  4. Oooo my gosh brilliant idea with the straws!!! Thank you for sharing your creativity ????

  5. Super cute and most of them are simple enough the kids can help!! And if it gets messed up… You’re only out a few dollars! Absolutely love these ideas and will be using them again this coming Halloween!

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