10 Amazing DIY Rug Projects For Your Home

10 Amazing DIY Rug Projects For Your Home

Want to upgrade your home but you don’t want to spend a ton of money doing it? Unleash your creativity and make an awesome rug that will be a centerpiece of your home. You can do it on a cheap budget by re-purposing fabric and other raw materials.

We present you 10 DIY rug ideas to add some splash of color to your home. Whether your style is more modern or traditional, you’re sure to discover the rug of your dreams amongst this list.

1. Denim Rug

Denim Rug

Recycle your old jeans by using basic quilting tools and sewing know-how to piece together this fabulous throw rug. (Tutorial: Ohoh Blog)

2. Geometric Rug

Geometric Rug

All you need for this project is a simple Ikea rug in a nude color, some tape and spray paint. (Tutorial: It’s Pretty Nice)

3. Pom-Pom Rug

Pom-Pom Rug

This chic pom-pom rug will bring beautiful texture and warmth to your space. (Tutorial: eHow)

4. Scrap Fabric Rug

Scrap Fabric Rug

Recycle scrap fabrics and make this attractive eco friendly crochet rug. (Tutorial: My Poppet Makes)

5. Monochrome Jute Rug

Monochrome Jute Rug

Style up your floor in this beautiful rug to create a cozy and warm looking space. (Tutorial: Super+Super)

6. Heart Rug

Heart Rug

Make a gorgeously plush rug that you will love forever. (Tutorial: Stitch Craft Create)

7. Fluffy Shaggy Wool Yarn Tassel Rug

Fluffy Shaggy Wool Yarn Tassel Rug

This shaggy rug looks extremely soft and comfortable. Nice to walk on and look at. (Tutorial: Urbansleekblonde)

8. Rope Rug

Rope Rug

Turn an old rope into a cute little rug with almost no sewing! (Tutorial: Instructables)

9. Plush Bear Rug

Plush Bear Rug

How cute is this DIY plush bear rug? It’s the perfect home accessory for any playroom or kid’s bedroom. (Tutorial: We Lived Happily Ever After)

10. Large Area Rug For Under $30

Large Area Rug For Under $30

Make this large DIY area rug using inexpensive carpet squares and some carpet seaming tape from a local hardware store. (Tutorial: A Scoop of Sherbert)

I hope you enjoyed that round-up! Which rugs are your favorites?

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