10 Easy DIY Art Projects for Your Walls

A nice wall art can change any room. Even better if you can make it for almost no money. Here is a collection of 10 creative DIY wall art projects along with links that will lead you to detailed step by step guides and tutorials. They don’t really require much skill level and some of them could be a fun family project to make on a free weekend.

1. Rustic Windmill

Rustic Windmill

This windmill wall decor will make a great impact in your space and become a focal point on any wall. (Tutorial via eHow)

2. Heart Rocks and Sea Glass Mobile

Heart Rocks and Sea Glass Mobile

If you have a collection of sea glass, you can use them to make this romantic nautical decor. (Tutorial via Sustain My Craft Habit)

3. Woven Wall Hanging

Woven Wall Hanging

Make this super easy wall hanging, perfect for above your bed! (Tutorial via Almost Makes Perfect)

4. Initial String Art

Initial String Art

Initial letter art would be great for a birthday present, new home gift or would look lovely in a children’s room. (Tutorial via Fresh Crush)

5. Embroidered Canvas Wall Art

Embroidered Canvas Wall Art

This DIY art piece is easy to make and adds lots of interest, color, and movement to the room. (Tutorial via Persia Lou)

6. Wood Wall

Wood Wall

Give your home a bit of rustic charm. Wood brings so much character, warmth, and natural beauty to interiors. (Tutorial via Aspen Summit)

7. Use Fabric As Wall Art

Use Fabric As Wall Art

(Tutorial via Ohoh Blog)

8. Painted Spoon Wall Art

Painted Spoon Wall Art

With some spray paint, you can turn inexpensive spoons into cute wall art for your kitchen. (Tutorial via A Joyful Riot)

9. Wall Art From Folded Paper

Wall Art From Folded Paper

For an easy wall art project, try folding squares of colored paper and arranging them in a grid. (Tutorial via How About Orange)

10. Pixel Wall Art

Pixel Wall Art

Pixel wall art is extremely unique. It’s a great way to spark up the room and be different from everyone else. (Tutorial via The Bold Abode)

10 Easy DIY Art Projects for Your Walls

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