10 Clever Ideas For Your Small Apartment

10 Clever Ideas For Your Small Apartment

Living in a small space doesn’t necessarily mean you need to think small. With the right decoration, you can make it feel much bigger. We have collected 10 brilliant ideas for small apartments, that will not only make your home look beautiful, but will free up room and not cost you the space.

1. Floating Desk

Floating Desk

Build this simple but fabulous floating desk with just a few boards. It’s a modern solution, which allows you to free up some floor space. (Tutorial: Design Sponge)

2. A Corner Shelving System

A Corner Shelving System

Use corner space to the maximum. Install a corner shelving system to gain extra storage space for your stuff. (Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess)

3. Under The Bed Storage

Under The Bed Storage

Get organized with this super easy DIY under the bed storage solution made from an old book shelf. (Tutorial: DIY Fun Ideas)

4. Small Space Dining

Small Space Dining

No space for a dining room table? Place a console table behind the sofa in a living area. It doubles as a place to eat, craft, and work. (via Houzz)

5. Divide Space

Divide space

Break up the room by hanging a curtain and create two rooms out of one. (via Domino)

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