17 Fun DIY Garden Planter Ideas

13. Bed Frame Planter

Bed Frame Planter

Remove the mattress and use the bed frame as a planter. (via Mobius Home)

14. Teapot Planter

Teapot Planter

If you have a teapot collection at home that you’d want to put to practical use, it’d be a great idea to turn them into flower planters. (via The Bowerbird)

15. Mailbox Planter

Mailbox Planter

If you would like to use your old mailbox in a new way, set it vertically and fill the top with a planter. (via Homestead Haven)

16. Colander Planters

Colander Planters

Colanders are actually kind of perfect planters since they let your plants breathe and drain. (via Bonnie Plants)

17. Chair Planter

Chair Planter

Turn an ordinary chair into a beautiful and eccentric planter! It really adds a ton of character to your yard and is fun to look at on a sunny day. ( via Four Generations One Roof)

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