17 Fun DIY Garden Planter Ideas

7. Toy Truck Planter

Toy Truck Planter

Here’s a great way to present succulents and other plants by using an old toy truck. (via Junk Market)

8. Birdcage Planter

Birdcage Planter

Birdcages come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, and they are ideal for showcasing your plants. (via Brides of Adelaide)

9. Lightbulb Planters

Lightbulb Planters

They make a neat place to show off your small plants. (via Fantastic Viewpoint)

10. Toolbox Planter

Toolbox Planter

Create an interesting and beautiful flower planter using an old repurposed toolbox! (via Backyard Diva)

11. Toilet Planter

Toilet Planter

Don’t throw that old toilet away! Use it to show off your whimsical side, and re-purpose that water closet as a garden planter. (via Hermitsdoor)

12. Old Grill Planter

Old Grill Planter

Don’t ignore that yucky old grill growing rust in your yard! Turn it into a quirky planter that’s a joy to see. (via Flickr)

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