7 Quick & Easy Ways to Remove Water Stains from Wood

7 Quick & Easy Ways to Remove Water Stains from Wood

Someone forgot to use a coaster? Learn how to remove water stains from your wood table with these simple methods.

Method 1: HAIR DRYER

Put your hair dryer on its lowest setting and direct it at the water ring. As you apply heat, use a cloth to buff away the mark. Continue wiping until the surface is blemish-free.


Dab some mayonnaise on a rag and then apply it directly to the stain. Let it sit for several hours then wipe clean. The rings should be gone within a day.


Mix a solution of equal parts toothpaste and baking soda. Dip a wet cloth in the solution, and rub it both in and around the spots. Polish the area with a dry piece of cotton fabric.

Method 4: SALT + WATER

Make a paste from one teaspoon salt and a few drops of water. Rub the mixture on to the stain with a soft cloth. Buff with furniture polish.

Method 5: IRONING

Set the iron to warm (not hot) and allow it to heat. Lay a towel or t-shirt over the stained area. Iron the stain through the fabric for about 5 seconds, then remove the heat for 30 seconds. Repeat as necessary, buffing lightly with the cloth after every 2-3 heat cycles.


Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to affected area and let it sit overnight. The following day, wipe away the stain with a soft cloth.

Method 7: CAR WAX

Apply the wax to the stain using your finger and allow it to dry. Once it’s dry, use a soft cloth to buff the stain out.

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