12 Small Bathroom Storage Hacks

Storage is always at a premium, especially if you have a small bathroom. With so many cosmetics, products and towels to store it is no surprise that sometimes our bathrooms look like a tip. Fortunately, there are so many ways to maximise the space that you already have. Here are 12 cheap and easy bathroom storage solutions to help you keep your bathroom away from the clutter.

1. Spice Rack Shelves

Spice Rack Shelves

Instead of cluttering up your bathroom sink with beauty products, hang spice racks on the wall to organize makeup and small toiletries. (via Serena Kelley)

2. Towel Bars

Towel Bars

No space for a towel rack? Hang them on the back of the door. (via Jenna Burger)

3. PVC Pipe Hairdryer Holder

PVC Pipe Hairdryer Holder

The shape of the PVC pipe connector makes it the ideal place to hold your flat iron and hair dryer. (via Once Upon a Family)

4. PVC Curling Iron Holsters

PVC Curling Iron Holsters

Another great way to organize using PVC pipe. Just mount 2-inch PVC pipe to the back of your cabinet door to neatly store your curling irons. (via The Family Handyman)

5. Mason Jar Storage

Mason Jar Storage

This works well as a handy bathroom organizer to hold items such as Q-Tips, makeup brushes, toothbrushes, etc. (via The DIY Playbook)

6. Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets

Grab a couple of wire baskets and hang them on your wall to stash toiletries or rolled hand towels. (via A Beautiful Mess)

7. Install a Shelf Above The Door

Install a Shelf Above The Door

Adding a shelf above the door is a great way to utilize some otherwise wasted space. (via My So-Called Home)

8. File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage

File Box Bathroom Appliance Storage

Hang a metal file box on the wall or side of a cabinet and use it as storage for curling irons, straightening irons and even blow dryers. (via Dream Green DIY)

9. Toothbrush Storage

Toothbrush Storage

Here is a clever way to store your toothbrush. All you need is some large plastic caps and velcro. (via Ohoh Blog)

10. Toilet Paper Storage

Toilet Paper Storage

A big magazine holder can be used to store a good amount of spare toilet paper rolls. (via Ecoisms)

11. Shoe Organizers

Shoe Organizers

Not just for shoes! Use these handy over-the-door organizers to store your hair products, lotions, curling iron, straightener, hairdryer, etc. (via The Style Side of Life)

12. Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnetic Makeup Board

Make a DIY magnetic makeup board to turn your beauty products into an art display! (Tutorial: Laura Thoughts)

12 Small Bathroom Storage Hacks

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