15 Easy & Cheap DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

15 Easy & Cheap DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

Want to give your bathroom a facelift but you don’t want to spend a lot of money? With just a bit of creativity and effort, you can add depth and character into the room without spending too much. Here are 15 innovative DIY bathroom ideas that will help create a space you can brag about.

1. Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnetic Makeup Board

This magnetized makeup board is the perfect way to keep your cosmetics off the counter and out of the way. You can store and display there your eye shadows, brushes and everything else. (Tutorial: Gloss48)

2. Natural Birch Toothbrush Holder

Natural Birch Toothbrush Holder

Make a simple but very pretty toothbrush and toothpaste holder that is pretty and environmentally friendly! (Tutorial: Dream a Little Bigger)

3. Fabric Framed Hooks

Fabric Framed Hooks

Give your boring towel hooks some oomph with some simple frames and fabric. (Tutorial: Table and Hearth)

4. Bathroom Storage Bags

Bathroom Storage Bags

Create a good looking home for your bathroom clutter. (Tutorial: The Lovely Drawer)

5. Bathtub Tray

Bathtub Tray

This easy DIY bathtub tray is perfect to hold your drink and your favorite book while you soak. (Tutorial: Urban Acreage)

6. Cotton Ball Holder

Cotton Ball Holder

Make an elegant and useful cotton ball holder for your bathroom using and cleaned out upcycled candle jar. (Tutorial: Dwell Beautiful)

7. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Fancy up your hand washing station with this clean and elegant mason jar soap dispenser. (Tutorial: Creative Green Living)

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